PHIX by MLV is another exciting addition to the market that have become very popular in recent years. The PHIX company produce closed-system pod devices, which are gaining popularity due to their convenience and performance. Due to its impressive features and value for the price, the PHIX is a likely contender for the JUUL e-cigarette, but for half the price. The Phix stands extremely great against its fierce competitors. You can't go wrong with the PHIX.
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  1. -19%
    PHIX Assorted Mix Pods
  2. -19%
    PHIX Butterscotch Pods
  3. -19%
    PHIX Ice Tobacco Pods
  4. -19%
    PHIX Spearmint Pods
    PHIX Spearmint Pods
    $26.99 $21.99
  5. -19%
    PHIX Strawberry Pods
  6. -37%
    PHIX Vape Basic Starter Kit by MLV
  7. -22%
    PHIX Vape Starter Kit by MLV
    PHIX Vape Starter Kit by MLV
    $44.99 $34.99
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