:

Puff E Cigarette Tobacco Mild Pack of 10

List Price: $49.99
Our Price $24.99
Equals up to 3 packs.* No Ash. No Tar. No Smell. No 2nd Hand Smoke. No Carbon Monoxide.

The Puff E-Cig was designed with the consumer in mind. The creators of Puff wanted to create a flavorful product that was inexpensive and still lasted about 3 packs of traditional cigarettes. The Puff E-Cig took over 2 years to develop after compiling consumer feedback regarding taste, packaging, touch and feel. The result, Puff E-Cig pre-priced at only $4.99! The average disposable e-cig retails around $8.00.

During the research and development period, the creators dedicated their time to producing primarily 4 flavors, ensuring the best quality possible. During this period it was discovered that consumers wanted to smoke an electronic cigarette that mimicked the feel of traditional cigarettes. With Puff’s Amazing Soft-Tip Filter, the consumer feels just that! Puff E-Cig also features a rubber tip cover, to help keep the e-cig clean and fresh while not being used.