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L Smoke Exotic E Cig Liquid Chocolate Mint 12ml Bottle 1.6% of Nicotine

List Price: $14.99
Our Price $4.99
L Smoke E Liquid brings you the best of both worlds. A full bodied smoking experince and intense flavors. Unlike other E Liquids on the market, L Smoke liquid is much thicker, which makes for a much smoother and satisfying smoke. As always, all L Smoke E Liquid flavors are made in the USA.
The same L Smoke E Liquids taken to a whole new level. Unmatched flavor, unmatched quality, at an unbeatable price. The Exotic line offers a variety of flavors infused with incredible flavor, consistency and smoothness.

Sometimes plain chocolate is just too boring. For those times, L Smoke brings you their take on a tarditional mix. Exotic Chocolate Mint is familiar take on one of the most popular ways to enjoy chocolate. Who doesn't love a bit of mint in their rich chocolate?
Medium Strength